Option One:
Your percentage of our sales is based off of how many times you book us during the year and what price we charge your guests. Up our sales price to increase your percentage, you know your group better than we do!
Charge our prices:
Small $2.00, Medium $3.00, Large $4.00
How many times are you having us out this year?
Once: 10%, Twice: 15%, Three Times: 20%
Receive that amount each time we come!
Percentage based off of sales of $100 or more.
Change our prices and increase your percentage!
Option Two:
When ordered in a quantity of 100 or more, we sell you smalls at a discount! You only pay $1.50 per small! Sell them for whatever you like.
We will invoice you at the end of the event when we have a total
number of smalls sold. We can take tickets, cash or you can station a volunteer at the sno-mobile to take care of the sales.
If you exceed 500 shaved ice served, we automatically bill you a
 reduced rate of $1.25 each! Exceed 1000 shaved ice served and 
your invoice is reduced to only $1.00 each!
Most schools make 30-50%+ profit with this option!

"Sno-To-Go was fantastic!  It was the easiest fund raiser

that we have done all year. 

We didn't have to do anything!  The people loved the sno cones! 

We loved it so much that we have them scheduled

to come out for our teacher appreciation day!" 

*Holly Mims, Austin Elementary PTA


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